06 February 2011

Mom has a cold.  Everyone in the house has had this cold.  It is mild for the most part with two days of feeling kind of blah.  It hangs on forever though, putting an unpleasant damper on everyday life.

As a stay at home mom (ha!, do we really stay home that much?) it is hard to drop the roles and give into the urge to crawl into a comfy bed with a good book, tea, and the computer.  We we push through, with the thought that once the kids are in bed, the house picked up and everything as done as it is going to be, we can relax.  This happens, but with the down side being that I have fallen asleep around 9:30 for the past week, and dear readers, that shit is getting old.

Not that I don't mind the sleep.  It helps heal the body, and makes the next day easier to deal with, but I miss the time with my husband.

See, I have been with a great man for 16 1/2 years, married to him for 11 this June.  I am one of those people that think that there are people in your life that you meet for a reason...that they are to be part of your life as the help complete and evolve you.  He is one of those people.  He is my biggest champion, my support, my love.  We have things in common, we have interests that the other cares nothing about (and that is ok!), we have personalities that compliment each other and truly have great respect for each other.

Obviously, we are parents, and anyone who is and who is involved heavily in their childrens lives know that time alone is a rarity and a necessity.  We have a sort of tag team approach to the kids when we are both home, and no one rests until they are in bed.  Then its decompression time for the adults and try to find time together, be it watching a movie, talking or other fun indoor sports ;-)  Well, when one, or both, or the parents are sick, that time all but disappears.  I understand why, but one can easily find themselves days later realizing that there has been little to no physical interaction and there is a feeling of what I like to call roommate syndrome.  You live together, you help each other out, but the touching is seriously lacking. 

I think that this is something that can creep up on any couples lives, even outside of illness.  Logically, we both know that the love is there, the want is there, but the timing is all messed up.  So we take what we can...a passing look in the kitchen, a touch on a shoulder as we walk past, a brief meet in the living room for a hug.  Touching your partner, lover, friend makes all the difference.

So reach out, snuggle up to the one you love, and be.

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Proud Mama said...

So true, wise friend! I just told D after our own bout with illness that I felt like roomies.

Get well!