04 February 2011

Been a while

I am going to try a 365 project with this blog.  I want to post everyday, be it long or short.

Not that I think anyone would be interested in this, but it provides an outlet for thought...that is why so many do it, right?

I am a 33 year old woman, wife and mother to two kids.  I guess I will start this blog off with a list I did on facebook a while ago.

1.  I can not stand whistling in a room.  Especially my house.

2.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a computer hacker.

3.  I can identify primate orders by their molar patterns.

4.  I am more fragile than I let on.

5.  I am stronger than I let on.

6. I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery

7.  I would redo junior high and high school for better grades.

8.  I want to learn Romanian, Japanese, Spanish, French and Vietnamese

9.  I thrive on life experiences, good and bad

10.  I want to learn trapeze...and I have a fear of heights lol

11.  I firmly believe my children have saved my life.

12.  I once had a beautiful revelation at a hot springs in New Mexico

13.  I read The Red Tent about four times a year.

14.  I love MMA/UFC

15.  I have a thing for artists

16.  I have been pierced 48 times, but only 9 are able to have jewelry in them.

17.  My paternal grandmother has appeared to me in the first trimester of my both my pregnancies.  She died my senior year of high school.

18.  I have wanderlust.

19.  I kissed a girl and liked it lol

20.  I have been with my husband for half my life as of 10/08/2010

21.  I can butcher a chicken

22.  I was painfully shy in elementary and junior high

23.  I punched a guy in the face at a Concrete Blond show when I was 16.

24.  I have walked a tightrope drunk, in platform mary janes.

25.  I was pregnant and/or nursing from August of 2000 through October 2006.

So there is a bit about me.  If there is anyone reading this and you have questions, ask away :)

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Sarah Jackson said...

hey lady. I'm holding you to this so I can keep up from Portland. xo.