25 February 2011

The catch up

I have been a slacker lately, but in all fairness, things have been busy :)

Dear friends of ours are moving away :-(  We will miss them bunches, but we a little bit to remember them by.  Well, four things really...chickens :-)  We are now the owners of four girls, Daisy, Rosie, Eve, and Bailey.  Currently they are going around the backyard eating weeds, grass, bugs and pecking at a cantaloupe.  They all seem to be laying and the eggs are quite tasty. 

I finished my online class for my IBCLC exam in July and submitted my registration.  Excited, nervous, a bit stressed, but I am sure it will all work out.  I have so much studying to do for this, but am looking forward to getting my certification so that I can help mothers and babies more in depth.

In entertainment news, I went shooting with my Dad a week ago (second time).  It is good to learn from a man who is a stickler for proper gun safety.  He has a .45 that we used that was brought back from WWII as well as an updated .45.  Defiantly a difference in the two, but fun overall.  When all is said and done, I am not a bad shot at all.

I also learned the past week that my friend Amey's jello shots have amnesiatic qualities to them.  I won't get into that in detail because lord knows who actually reads this, but whoa.

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mom said...

Glad you had fun with dad. Too bad Amey can't bring those jello shots with her tomorrow..would make for an interesting day, don't ya think!!