23 August 2008

In a city known for rain and dark skies, I found happiness and contentment. A city thriving in culture, art, and life. No matter where one was, there was beauty. The water which brings so much to the area by providing food, entertainment and meditation. Going inland to see beautiful mountains, trees (my god how green it is!) and all types of plants. This place will be my home some day. The home of my family. A place where my children can play without worry, where I can teach them about so much around them. A city that seems to value its people, that is tolerant. Where there is just so much to do. Seattle has captured my heart in a way that has never happened before.

13 August 2008

Images from Pike Place Market. Seattle 12 August 2008

Aaron, a musician I met at the Seattle Center. 12 August 2008