31 December 2013


I had forgotten that I began this blog many years ago.  I stumbled upon it by chance and after spending the morning merging it under a user name that I use frequently, I find that it is time to settle back into writing. 

I have found that Facebook has become my medium of choice, a place to put down a few words quickly, smile at comments, and move on without a second thought.  I think that by sitting down here,  and taking the time to reflect a bit more may be a nice change and addition to my life.

School starts back in a couple of weeks and with it will come all new stories from the Valley Metro Light Rail, tales of classes, students, and teachers, and what it is like on this journey as a wife/mother/student.

This is a year of changes, a year of transition.  There really is no stopping and starting, it simply is an ongoing experiment that gets worked on constantly.

23 March 2011

I love my hammock

I do.

There is something about a cool spring day...the sun out, a breeze blowing over your skin to keep you comfortable.  The backyard is in bloom with nectarine blossoms, the fig, pomegranete and peach putting out new leaves and flowers.  Chickens wandering around exploring the space.

I am curled up with a drink and a book, gently rocking back and forth, cradled in a web of soft rope woven to conform to the body and hold it safe.  I can lay my head back, close my eyes and be at peace.

20 March 2011

Answer time #3

So The Man (otherwise known as my husband Gei), asked what three famous people I would have dinner with.  After much thinking about it, I may have it narrowed down :)

1.  Queen Elizabeth the First.  I would love to talk to her about what it was like to have her position as an heir in constant upheaval, to know what it was like to reign for such long at a time when women did not have nearly the same rights as men, and how her early days were coming into power after her sister Mary.

2. Frida Kahlo.  Enough said.  Amazing artist, cook, wife, lover, activist.

3.  Dan Savage.  I think that we would have a lot to talk about :)

18 March 2011

End of the week and answers part 2

Ahhhh Friday.  The week has been long for me.  My oldest has been sick since last Friday (viral fever and a nasty cough).  She is improving, so that is good.  A week of pick up around the house, taking care of children, pets, and myself...and honestly, slacking on a bunch of the house stuff and taking care of myself. 

I need to wash a fold laundry, so that is on the plate for today.  I need to start exercising again.  I was doing pretty well for a while and then it all went downhill.  Time to pick that back up and get moving.  We vacation in June and it would be nice to be down a bit and rock some smaller curves in my favorite black bikini. 

Warm weather and spring have defiantly come to Phoenix.  Highs have been in the 90's this past week and while the mornings and evenings are still pleasant, you can tell the icky heat is just around the corner.  I have lived here for 30 years and really dislike the heat.  Can't move yet, but we are hoping to in a few years.

I am also wanting to teach cooking lessons.  I will come to your house, tailor a lesson to your currently level and introduce you to lots of new things! 

In other news, Gei asked what three famous people I would invite to have dinner with...I have to think more on this one.  I ask him though, living or dead famous people?

14 March 2011

Answers :)

@Sarah, Gei and I are hoping to be up in Portland in 2013.  We are working on paying off debt and hoping that the housing situation improves enough that we can sell ours.  It is a goal for us and we look forward to joining our friends...as we consider you extended family :)

@Tenacity, Your question "what ecological principles do you teach your kids, why, and how? Same question with gender and sex norms..  I love it :)

As far as ecology goes, we try to teach by doing.  We have a recycle bin and trash and show the kids which goes into which.  We have just started a compost bin and have talked about how those work and why we use one.  I have explained the chicken cycle to them (birds eat the weeds, eggs for our food, waste into compost, compost into future gardens, repeat).  We talk about conserving water since we live in a desert, turning off the lights to save electricity (I only ran the heater this winter when it was very very cold).  We take our shopping bags with us to the stores, etc.  I try to teach at an age appropriate level.  As the get older, it becomes easier to explain the why behind why we do things.

With gender and sex norms, we have open discussions.  They have a mother who is in a "traditional" housewife/mother role and a father who works outside of the home.  They have grown up with a father who is quite involved in parenting (no he does not "watch" the kids when I am not home, he is their father, he parents) and they see a division of household chores.  With regards to gender and sexual identity, we have talked about how some women like men, some women like women, some men like women and some men like men.  We have talked about how some people are born men or women yet they don't feel like that on the inside, so that they choose to change what their outside looks like to match how they feel on the inside.  We tell them that it is ok to love who they love.  Again, we keep it at an age appropriate level, adding more information as they get older.  The girls have come and protested with us at marriage equality rallies :)  I feel that it is important to teach and model acceptance and to stand up for what is fair as a member of this human experience.  It is my hope that they grow into adult who love themselves, and find partners who are secure in who they are, open minded and treat my daughters with respect.  There is so much more to this...gender, sex norms, relationships, sexual identity...I would love to talk more on it with you :)

@Virginia, I love The Red Tent.  While I am not particularly religious, the story resonates with me.  I feel that god did start as a woman, and the rituals and festivals fell away as worship of a male deity emerged.  I wonder how close the fictionalized story of Dinah is to the truth.  Her story is given such a sort explanation in the Bible.  I also long for a sort of community of families that live together, where the women help and support each other in daily tasks, child rearing, etc.  As a mother, I feel that we are not meant to to this job alone and yet so many of us are.  It is our job then too to create our tribe. 

@Steve, African or European?

13 March 2011

Question and Answer time

So I am behind on this blog again, but I am ok with that.  All in good time, right?  In the meantime, what questions can I answer for you dear readers (you know, all two of you lol).  Think, post in comments and I will be back to answer.

10 March 2011

My heart belongs to him

I am madly in love.

Giddy, head over heels, deeply in love.

I have known my husband for over half my life.  I have been married to him for 11 years this June.

He is amazing on so many levels.  He is funny, loyal, strong, smart.  He works outside of our home to allow me to stay at home and raise our children and run our home.

He makes me laugh like nothing else. 

We met when I was 16 (almost 17) and he was 19.  I had just (literally, that day) finally broken free of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with a complete asshole.  I called a mutual friend of Gei and mine, who offered to have us meet officially.  He picked me up from work, and the four of us (friend and her boyfriend) ended up going to a haunted house that night.  Gei and I hit it off and our first real date was a week later.  The rest is history.

We were engaged shortly after our four year anniversary and married in June of 2000.  Our first daughter arrived slightly less than a year later, the second daughter three years later.

Our relationship and marriage has faced it share of struggles.  There have been very low points that were hard to confront and move on from, but they have been few and far between and huge moments to learn from. 

He is my biggest supporter and is very freeing to be with.  He loves unconditionally, is one of the best fathers I know, and a wonderful husband.  He makes me want to be the best woman, wife and mother I can be.  We have a give and take that seems to help hold each other up.  He has been a huge influence on how I view and interact in this world. 

His words can calm me and make my laugh like no other.

With a hug he can change my day.

His kisses leave me breathless.

He calls me Lisa Simpson.

He listens to my words without judgment. 

He works hard to support our family.

 He holds me in the night when I can't sleep, he understands my fears, embraces my quirks and makes me love him more with everyday that passes.