31 December 2013


I had forgotten that I began this blog many years ago.  I stumbled upon it by chance and after spending the morning merging it under a user name that I use frequently, I find that it is time to settle back into writing. 

I have found that Facebook has become my medium of choice, a place to put down a few words quickly, smile at comments, and move on without a second thought.  I think that by sitting down here,  and taking the time to reflect a bit more may be a nice change and addition to my life.

School starts back in a couple of weeks and with it will come all new stories from the Valley Metro Light Rail, tales of classes, students, and teachers, and what it is like on this journey as a wife/mother/student.

This is a year of changes, a year of transition.  There really is no stopping and starting, it simply is an ongoing experiment that gets worked on constantly.

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