17 February 2011

Field Day

My oldest had Field Day today at her school.  Long jump, running, softball throw and high jump.

She is not an athletic kid by nature, but she was eager to try.

I have never seen such concentration and determination on her face.  She did great at long jump, ran her heart out on the 75, 200, and 600 meter.  Did her best on the high jump.

She played with her friends, laughed, and shared a picnic lunch with me under a tree.

By the afternoon though, her spirits has dropped.

She had done her practice run and then taken her two tries at the high jump.  If you hit the bar, you are out.

She hit the bar.

As she walked over to where they were supposed to sit and wait, I saw a familiar stoop in her posture, the downcast eyes and a mouth that was trying to remain neutral, but you could see the disappointment.  I called her over and quietly asked if she wanted to talk.  It took all she had to not burst into tears.  Stated how she felt like she could not do anything right, how she comes in almost last on all the events, that she tried and tried and it just did not work.  As a parent, it breaks your heart.  She did try, she concentrated, but the events were just not things that she does well at.

We talked about how it is ok to be upset, but that she is also amazing at so many other things.  Then one friend came over to check on her, then another and another.  They all helped her feel better, no guilt, teasing or judgment.  It was a great thing to see.

She ended the day on a good note and I hope that she will remember the things that she had fun doing today and not get hung up on the disappointed feelings.


Anonymous said...

ilove reading this! thank you so much! tenacity

Redhead Sadie said...

Good for her...and good for you. You are such a good mama, and she is such a sweet girl.

sarahslv said...

Oh the high jump on field day. Why I ever thought that was a good event for me to do one year is so beyond me. I scrapped the shit out of my elbow from battling it out with another girl. There was an older girl helping out at that event...Jodi. She pulled me aside and gave me a bit of advice that I still use today because it actually works...not just in sports, but anytime I am faced with a task or a problem I have to handle somehow. She told me to take a moment, close my eyes and imagine the whole thing and to imagine that you completed it successfully. I tried it for that final jump and actually made it over the bar. I didn't get 1st place, but I still use that info. to this day :) Let her know it's ok to suck at the high jump...her aunt did too!