10 March 2011

My heart belongs to him

I am madly in love.

Giddy, head over heels, deeply in love.

I have known my husband for over half my life.  I have been married to him for 11 years this June.

He is amazing on so many levels.  He is funny, loyal, strong, smart.  He works outside of our home to allow me to stay at home and raise our children and run our home.

He makes me laugh like nothing else. 

We met when I was 16 (almost 17) and he was 19.  I had just (literally, that day) finally broken free of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with a complete asshole.  I called a mutual friend of Gei and mine, who offered to have us meet officially.  He picked me up from work, and the four of us (friend and her boyfriend) ended up going to a haunted house that night.  Gei and I hit it off and our first real date was a week later.  The rest is history.

We were engaged shortly after our four year anniversary and married in June of 2000.  Our first daughter arrived slightly less than a year later, the second daughter three years later.

Our relationship and marriage has faced it share of struggles.  There have been very low points that were hard to confront and move on from, but they have been few and far between and huge moments to learn from. 

He is my biggest supporter and is very freeing to be with.  He loves unconditionally, is one of the best fathers I know, and a wonderful husband.  He makes me want to be the best woman, wife and mother I can be.  We have a give and take that seems to help hold each other up.  He has been a huge influence on how I view and interact in this world. 

His words can calm me and make my laugh like no other.

With a hug he can change my day.

His kisses leave me breathless.

He calls me Lisa Simpson.

He listens to my words without judgment. 

He works hard to support our family.

 He holds me in the night when I can't sleep, he understands my fears, embraces my quirks and makes me love him more with everyday that passes.


Redhead Sadie said...

Your marriage is probably the best one I have ever been privileged to see...it is so beautiful. I am so happy for you, and hope that someday when I marry again, it can be half as good as yours. Xoxo Love to you both. :-)

ginia said...

I LOVE being married, and appreciate your reminder that I'm not the only one who loves the married life! You are blessed, and so cute together. :)